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At Autoarena Malsch, we believe that it is our duty to provide our visitors with the best online experience and this is what our mission speaks of – to revolutionize and continuously add value to the way people buy and sell vehicles online, in Germany. We aim to provide our users with the most comprehensive automotive knowledge with respect to Germany and the world alike and help them develop a sense of belonging in the automotive community.

We are the Germany’s largest vehicle market

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We had a 300km journey. The vehicle was described to us in advance on request. Various signs of use were photographed in detail and sent to us via WhatsApp. When we came to see it, we didn't find any nasty surprises, so we test-drive the vehicle and then bought it..


Dealers are very competent. A lot of time was taken for the consultation. Uncomplicated processing. Vehicle flawless as promised. I am very pleased.


Responded quickly to the request. Appointment made and inspected on site, took the time and answered my questions to my satisfaction.


Very friendly welcome. Competent advice and instruction. We are very happy with our purchase

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